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We’re excited to announce the next film in our monthly screening series, AAFF PRESENTS, in partnership with The Michigan Theater. From June 10 to July 7 Video Blues by Emma Tusell will be available to rent. The film is $4.99 or free for AAFF members (you can become a member here). You must watch within 30 days of purchase and finish within 48 hours of starting the film. 

Provocative and mysterious, homemade images from the ’80s, two voices, a woman and a man argue about what these images mean, two opinions about her past. Emma Tusell (1980) reconstructs her family history through these videos, searching for meaning and identity. Video Blues won Best Experimental Film at the 58th Ann Arbor Film Festival.

Tusell has been working as a film editor for fifteen years. As a director, she made her debut with the feature film La Habitacion de Elias in which she approaches the figure of her father in a film mixing documentary and fiction. She has also directed the documentary series Madridcrea and has edited numerous documentary and fiction films.

The next film will be released July 8, stay tuned for more details!

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