We believe art and connecting people through film is vital, now more than ever. The Ann Arbor Film Festival has been bending minds with experimental film since 1963, but this year, for the first time-ever we live-streamed the festival and bent over 16,000 minds from 50 countries!

When faced with the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic, we quickly moved our event online, for free. We saw an opportunity to provide the best moving-image art to our community and an even larger audience who, like us, were cooped up at home. At the end of the week, we conferred $22,500 in awards to the participating filmmakers.

We’re incredibly excited about the possibilities this year’s festival has opened up and now we’re asking for your support so we can continue our mission of being a platform for filmmakers. Your contribution, large or small, makes a big difference in our ability to champion talented film artists!

If you're also interested in becoming an AAFF member, to receive year-round benefits and access to the Festival, please see our membership pageThank you for being a part of our community!

The Ann Arbor Film Festival is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization powered by a generous community of supporters. As the longest running independent and experimental film festival in North America, the AAFF serves as a critical forum for connecting filmmakers with audiences through the art form of film.

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In an age when the bottom line seems to be eroding some of the soul of cinema, the Ann Arbor Film Festival is unique, and truly radical, in its celebration of film as an art form. The AAFF is a cultural treasure." 


Sam Green,

director of Academy


The Weather Underground

The Ann Arbor Film Festival is grateful to our major donors. Thank you for your dedication in helping fulfill our mission for nearly 60 years.


Festival friends who pledge a sustaining gift of $500 (or more) for 5 years become a part of our very special giving circle, named for our founder George Manupelli.

Gary Boren, Martha Darling and Gil Omenn, Dave DeVarti and Ellen Rabinowitz, Sue Dise, Vicki Engel and Dan Gunning, Jackie and John Farah, Anne Cutsinger and David Gilbertson, Heidi Kumao, Susan and Mike Landauer, Cynthia Nicely, Jennifer Conlin and Daniell Rivkin, Robin and Ron Sober, Barbara Twist, Deborah Bayer and Jonathan Tyman


630 Club, Anonymous, the Aronofsky Family, Ruth Bardenstein and Jim Roll, Deborah Bayer and Jonathan Tyman, Elizabeth and Richard Berman, Jean and Frederick Birkhill and the Birkhill Family Foundation, Ken Burns, Martin Contreras and Keith Orr, Mei and Richard DeVarti, Susan Dise, Deborah Greer, Kasdan Family Foundation, Jeri Hollister and Tom Bray, Heidi Kumao, Wendy Lawson, Leslie Lawther and Matthew Graff, Morgan McCormick and Justin Bonfiglio, Cynthia Nicely, Gil Omenn and Martha Darling, Deb Polich and Russ Collins, Ellen Rabinowitz and David DeVarti, Paul Schutt, Robin and Ron Sober

$500 – $999

Molly Beedon and Patrick McLaughlin, Gary Boren, Sunita Bose-Partridge and Damani Partridge, Jennifer Conlin and Daniel Rivkin, Constance Crump and Jay Simrod, Anne Cutsinger and David Gilbertson, Vicki Engel and Dan Gunning, Jackie and John Farah, Fishman Wright Family Foundation, Darcy Ann Hall, Barbara Kessler and Dick Soble, Susan and Michael Landauer, Kari Magill and George Fisher, Nan and Kip Godwin, Noah and Ethan Kaplan, Kari Magill and George Fisher, Amy Moore, Deanna Morse, Barbara Murphy and Gavin Eadie, Marilyn Moss Rockefeller, Krissa and Jim Rumsey,  Jeremy Seaver, Charles M Sutherland, Barbara Twist, Jim and Susan Warner, Marie Woo and Harvey Levine, Lynne Wright

$250 – $499

Jennifer and John Baird, Sandra Berman, Dennis J. Carter, Raymond Cleary, Mars Di Ritis and Jim Dwyer, Judith Freedman, Antonio David Garcia, Aileen Gilzow and Kathryn Pelz-Davis, Sean Kenny, Rashmi Menon, Hafsah Mijinyawa, Diana Raimi and John Dryden, Leslie Raymond and Jason Jay Stevens, Deanna Relyea and Piotr Michalowski, Jan Rishoi, David Rosenboom, Mary Ellen Rounsifer and Dennis Hayes, AJ Saulsberry, Erich Schifter, Vanessa Sly and Martin Thoburn, Pamela and Michael Smith, Francyne Stacey, Eleanor Stafford, Eric Wexler, Lars Bjorn and Susan Wineberg


If you would like to add AAFF to your estate plan, simply add this language to your will: 


I give, devise, and bequeath to the Ann Arbor Film Festival 

(a) the sum of $ ___________ or (b) ______ percent of my estate 

to be used for the benefit of the festival as determined by

the executive director and the Board of Directors.


To let us know your intentions, or for questions and more information, please email Thank you!


PO Box 8232 Ann Arbor, MI 48107

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