This years' AAFF runs March 21-26, 2023. All internships will run through April 2023.

Sponsorships & Partnerships Assistant

The Sponsorships and Partnerships Assistant will support the team with engaging, tracking, thanking, and welcoming our Sponsors and Partners during lead-up to festival week, during the festival itself, and as part of our wrap up process. This role will report to the Festival Coordinator.

Tech Assistant

Responsibilities will include the preparation of movie files for online screening and juror hard drives. creating playlists for online festival screening, Prepare hard drives for mailing to jurors, Provide post-Festival feedback, Prep Sponsor and Program slides, Assist with Festival streaming (if needed). The intern will work closely with the film festival’s Tech director and Festival Director. The intern will also have the opportunity to act as a member of the screening cadre for film submissions for the festival.

Video Production Assistant

The video production assistant will work on editing, compiling and titling videos for the festival including filmmaker interviews, panels and work samples for NEA grants, and will also create  the sneak preview reel (30 min of excerpts of upcoming films). The video production intern may also create an AAFF trailer &/or other promotional materials. The intern will also have the opportunity to review festival film submissions as a member of the AAFF screening cadre.