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Walk Right In to the Most Experimental Event of October!

Picture this: It’s Friday night of Halloween weekend. You spent the day working while thinking all about your spooky, fun, family-(or not so family) friendly plans for the weekend. You're probably going to a Halloween party. Or maybe seven. You put on your dinosaur costume which took you at least two hours to inflate as you’re a little out of shape and you realized you had forgotten to buy an air pump, leaving you to begrudgingly inflate it manually. As you put on the finishing touches, you realize the spooky fun won’t start until well into the night.

All dressed up with nowhere to go, you see a post from the Ann Arbor Film Festival. They’re hosting an outdoor film event right in your neighborhood. Your heart pounding with excitement, you realize that it starts at 6pm and ends at 8pm. That is just the perfect place for a trial run to show off how ginormous and realistic your costume looks before your big party!

You see that they will have sangria, hot cider, cookies, and more!

The best part: IT’S FREE!!!!!

That settles it. That is where you will be spending the beginning of your Friday evening. You do a happy t-rex dance before heading out the door and walking right over to our Walk Right In.

So please come join us for our fun Walk Right In event in Burns Park on October 28th at 6pm! There will be outdoor films, booze, food and lots of happy dinosaurs!


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