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The First-Ever AAFF Film Challenge!

It’s the first-ever Ann Arbor Film Festival Film Challenge! One of the volunteer groups for AAFF has been hard at work putting together this super fun and interactive way to participate with the film festival this year. We really wanted people getting out in the community and supporting local businesses in a way that was safe and fun for anyone and everyone involved. The premise is fairly simple. There will be a series of prompts at various locations throughout downtown Ann Arbor (and another list for folks outside of Ann Arbor because we’d never want to leave out our international friends!) Each prompt will ask you to record either film or photos at a particular business or location, all while following social distancing guidelines and being respectful, of course. You’ll submit these entries to us, share them on social media, and you will be entered to win some fantastic prizes that range from gift baskets to AAFF tickets to gift cards at some local favorites. The more you submit past six, the bigger the prizes! Are you up for the Film Challenge? Will you do it as a team or individually? It’s up to you! Get creative.Get experimental. In Ann Arbor you’ll be guided to places like the iconic Michigan Theater, Encore Records, Zingerman’s Deli, People’s Food Co-op, and more! You’ll be performing exciting prompts like "Film a close-up of what your eyes would look like after three shots of espresso!” For the non-local version, the provided film challenges will be similar, but we’ll get to see some of the places where you live and love. We’ll be assembling all of the entries into collaborative films to be shown in the Gather.Town lobby during the 59th AAFF! Yours in avant-garde film appreciation, The Scavenger Hunt Planners: Angela, Nicole, Darcy, Melaina, Barbara, and the rest of the AAFF team


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