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Salons & Workshops at the 59th AAFF

Below you will find the schedule for In the Screen! salons and workshops that you can participate in during the 59th AAFF. They are free and open to the public.

LOOPS 2021 Workshop

3/3 - 3/28

Make your own 16mm film loops with Sean Kenny of the Pickle Fort Film Collective. Mail yours back to the address below and it will be included in the LOOPS 2021 post-screening performance on Saturday at 9pm. You will need: Clear 16mm film leader, and markers. What you might want: ink, glue, anything you can add to the film strip.

Make sure to mail your loops back to the Pickle Fort at the address below!

​The Pickle Fort Film Collective 1141 Hermitage SE Grand Rapids, MI 49506


Film Art Forum

Salon Session

3/23 Tuesday at 3pm

In this Pecha Kucha-style event, ten filmmakers and other festival guests present 20 slides for 20 seconds each, resulting in a series of six-minute talks by film artists. The subject matter varies, with all presentations aiming to promote an in-depth exploration of cinema as an art form and to encourage further discussion that nurtures the AAFF community.


Zoomation Workshop: Animating Connections

Across Social Distances by Christine Veras and Steve Leeper

Salon Session

3/27 Saturday at 1pm

This workshop offers a playful opportunity for participants to exercise social distancing while interacting in a safe collaborative virtual space. This pandemic has forced us all into a new form of digital gathering. As artists and animators, we can break the rules of everyday interactions, creating a virtual animated territory. Join us to create an original piece of experimental animation using pixilation to animate both humans and objects. Pixilation is an animation technique pioneered by Norman McLaren utilizing human animation puppets, giving them fairy-like movements similar to pixies. In this workshop, we will combine pixelation, stop-motion, and time-lapse photography across a Zoom interface to create a truly unique animation experience.


What the Hell Was That

Salon Session

3/28 Sunday at 12pm

This panel discussion has been an Ann Arbor Film Festival favorite for more than a decade. It began when a filmmaker overheard an audience member declare, “What the hell was that?” after viewing his film. An enlightening discussion ensued, and the idea for the panel was born. Join visiting filmmakers and other special guests for an opportunity to watch and discuss three short experimental films selected from this year’s festival lineup. Daniel Herbert is a media scholar and associate professor of the Department of Film, Television, and Media Arts in the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts at the University of Michigan.


CTN interview with Sholey Asgary and Heather Kapplow

Maybe You're a Peach Tree Maybe by Sholey Asgary and Heather Kapplow

Salon Session

3/28 Sunday at 2pm

An ongoing, audience-participatory exploration using prompts, and immersion in sense and process within the context of video-telephonic gatherings to disambiguate image from experience, making space for the unresolved. Lived social experience is indeterminate and has stuff—a sense of timing, nuances of body language, cultural norms—that doesn’t encode into technologically mediated interactions. What’s perceived as noise in digispace is often important information in physical life. Using strategies that bypass conventional communication so gesture, sound, and movement can transmit as it emerges from intuition, our exercises resist their interfaces of transmission, subverting technology’s capacity to contain us. Modeling possibilities and buying time for things beyond current imagination to emerge, we remind ourselves that interfaces can be adapted, broken down, changed if their limitations are made visible.


Behind The Scenes with Negativland and SUE-C

Salon Session

3/28 Sunday at 3pm


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