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Complete list of Premieres for the 59th AAFF

The 59th Ann Arbor film festival is right around the corner! While we are excited for you to see all the amazing films we have in store, many of the films included in our festival’s lineup will be having their worldwide, North American, or US Premiere! For your convenience, the list below will outline each film that is having its premiere at the festival. Tickets for the 59th AAFF are now on sale, you can find all of these films and their corresponding programs using our film guide. You can also find the schedule of programs here. Happy festing!


Still from Iwianch, el Diablo Venado, José Cardoso

Al Largo | Anna Marziano

Iwianch, el Diablo Venado | José Cardoso

Just a Movement | Vincent Meessen

In the Hands of Puppets | Sarah&Charles

Teatro Principal | Bryan Konefsky

Ser Feliz No Vão / Happy In The Gap | Lucas H. Rossi dos Santos

Schroon Lake | Eryka Dellenbach

People Meeting in a Room | Adam Lewis Jacob

Piz Regolith | Yannick Mosimann

A deal with god | Katharine Fry

Mt Albban the attrition of time | Ebrahim Mirmalek

Still from Mt Albban the attrition of time, Ebrahim Mirmalek

Material Bodies | Dorothy Allen-Pickard

Cause of Death | Jyoti Mistry

uchronia, no.1 | Kamila Kuc

Danni the Champion | Laura Cameron-Lewis


NIGHT REFLECTION (IV) | Benjamín Ellenberger

Revolykus | Victor Orozco Ramirez

Dog's Field | Michalina Musialik

Things floating in the Hudson | Ellen Sampson

Hitting my Head on the World | Anna Vasof

The Last Name of John Cage | Margaux Guillemard

Junkerhaus | Karen Russo

Still form Junkerhaus, Karen Russo

Collapsing Mies | Claudia Larcher

retreat | Joeri Verbesselt

Self Portrait With Bag | Dianna Barrie

Ici | Sylvie Denet

Mad Mieter | M M (Weis / De Mattia)

Still from Ici, Sylvie Denet


The Quoddy Fold | Paulette Phillips

One Image, Two Acts | Sanaz Sohrabi

ARMOUR | Sandro Aguilar

Still from ARMOUR, Sandro Aguilar

Expo Film (this film is my memory), Penny McCann

Anonymous | Steven Subotnick

Push This Button if You Begin to Panic | Gabriel Böhmer

The Initiation Well | Chris Kennedy

13 | Shinya Isobe

Still from 13 , Shinya Isobe

Thank you | Julian Gallese

Primavera | Adrian Garcia Gomez

Naked | Kirill Khachaturov

...l'admirable profondeur, du jour à la folie; | Jean-baptiste DECAVÈLE

Nothing to See Here | David Opdyke

Daily Life Of Human | Siavash Naghshbandi


NSFW (angry yellow meat) | Woohee Cho

A Watched Cunt Never Cums | Emily Van Loan

Broth of Vigour | Daniel McIntyre

Dissolution Prologue (Extended Version) | Siegfried A. Fruhauf


Instructions for Survival | Yana Ugrekhelidze

Usambara Violet | Aman Wadhan

Psychic Meat | Stephen Wardell

ROTOЯ | Sonic Body | NO1 (Peter Kutin, Patrik Lechner, Mathias Lenz)

Still from ROTOЯ | Sonic Body, NO1, Peter Kutin, Patrik Lechner, Mathias Lenz

Reminiscences of 15 musicians in Beirut attempting a re-imagination of the Egyptian classic Ya Garat Al Wadi | Charles-André Coderre

Electric Eye | Steve Wood

Dream of Emma and Tony | Natalia Rocafuerte

Honest Money | Hannah Hummel

The Truth About Hastings | Dan S

Summer Summer | Ruihong Tang

Eyes and Horns | Chaerin Im

FIRST LIGHT | Amy Lee Ketchum (Director/Animator), Ellen Boscov (Writer/Composer)

World (Աշխարհ) | Christine Haroutounian

Times a God Zillion | Natasha Beste

Still from World (Աշխարհ), Christine Haroutounian


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