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AAFF Presents is Back - in Person!

Join us at the State Theatre for Award-Winning Films from the 59th AAFF once a month through November!

This event is free for AAFF Members and Michigan Theatre Gold Members!

On July 11th, we will show Electric Eye (short) by Steve Wood, and Iwianch, the Devil Deer (feature) by José Cardoso.

Be on the lookout for our next AAFF Presents events on August 8, September 19, October 3, and November 7!

Iwianch, the Devil Deer

~ Winner of the Tom Berman Award for Most Promising Filmmaker ~

Taisha, Ecuador - 2020 - 91 min

An enigmatic presence haunts the depths of the Amazon rainforest, where an indigenous Achuar teenager has disappeared. During the search for the young man, secrets of the rainforest and Amazonian visions of life after death are touched, vanishing the documentary filmmaker’s concepts of reality.

Electric Eye

Chicago, Illinois - 2020 - 3 min

Dry-transfer lettering and patterns, along with stickers, paint, and marker, were applied to clear 16mm film, extending into the optical audio area of the picture. The footage was transferred three ways and edited into musical arrangements with each frame of a picture accompanied by the sound it produced in the projector. The result is a synchronous collage of visual music and its lo-fi audio soundtrack.


To get even MORE excited, we're watching this interview with José Cardoso - filmmaker of Iwianch and winner of the Tom Berman Award for Most Promising Filmmaker at the 59th AAFF!



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