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What We Saw: 58th AAFF

Usually, during festival week we would ask you to write down what you observe, onscreen and off, on a postcard. You would then leave your card in a box to be photographed and added to an ongoing slideshow in The Michigan Theater lobby.

The project, “What We Saw” is meant to be an experimental documentary made possible by you: the savvy, diverse, and experimental-film-loving AAFF community. In a lot of ways “What We Saw” is similar to the Vimeo comment section of the 58th AAFF Live Stream: A place for you, the audience to tell us about what you saw, experienced, and felt as you watched experimental films throughout the festival week. Conversely, it was a place for fellow viewers to react and respond to each other's comments in real-time as well as interact directly with the filmmakers during live Q&As.

We documented your comments and while there were many favorites, here are a few we wanted to share.

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