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how we live – messages to the family by Gustav Deutsch

“Themes of humanity, love, image-making, history, and beauty all whirl together in this incredible epic patchwork mosaic of time and space.” — Victor Arroyo, filmmaker and member of the 57th AAFF screening cadre

“A global travelogue that crosses decades” — Deanna Morse, filmmaker and member of the 57th AAFF screening cadre

The new monthly screening series “Ann Arbor Film Festival Presents…” continues on Wednesday, June 5, 2019, with the feature film how we live – messages to the family by Austrian artist and filmmaker Gustav Deutsch.

Spanning decades, the film investigates home movies through both archival and contemporary footage. From early celluloid to consumer camcorder, modern cell phone and even Skype, it unearths a rich history of personal recordings by individuals for the purpose of communicating with family members about their experiences away. The filmmaker also weaves a thread of personal footage throughout the film, connecting this tradition with his own present-day home movies.

Gustav Deutsch’s films have been carried by Austrian film and video art distributor sixpack film since 1996. In the year 2000, Deutsch’s work Film ist. was honored with the 39th AAFF Mosaic Foundation Best of the Festival Award, and in 2003, his Film ist 8, 9, 10 won the 41st AAFF Tío’s Red Hot and Spicy Award.

The film how we live – messages to the family will show at 7:00 p.m. at the State Theatre (233 South State Street) in Ann Arbor on Wine-Down Wednesday (featuring half-price wine by the glass). Tickets are free for AAFF members and Michigan Theater gold card members! To become an AAFF member or learn more about membership, click here. Members and non-members alike can purchase tickets and select seats for the June 5 screening by clicking here.

Or check out the Facebook event.

See you there!

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