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On the Road Again

Starting next month, the 57th Ann Arbor Film Festival will be hitting the road! The 57th touring programs are almost ready, and we are excited to send them all over the world to galleries, art house theaters, universities, media arts centers, and anywhere else that wants to experience the world of AAFF.

This year there will be three distinct programs of experimental short films from the 57th Ann Arbor Film Festival. The programs will feature films by Cecelia Condit, Catherine Chalmers, David Opdyke, Michaela Olsen, and many other favorites from the 57th. We will also, for the first time ever, be offering the “Almost All Ages” program, as its very own touring package, in hopes of spreading the joy of experimental film to an even wider audience. This program is perfect for those who may be new to the experience of watching experimental films.

What makes our tour so special? Just like the AAFF itself, the touring program is one of the longest-running of its kind and has been making experimental and avant-garde film more accessible to diverse audiences for almost 60 years. The AAFF tour also directs support to filmmakers. Not only is it an opportunity for the films to screen in front of audiences who might otherwise never get the chance to see them, but the filmmakers whose work is part of the touring program receive some revenue from AAFF for each stop where their film is screened, helping them to continue to bring more of their artwork into the world.

The tour is an amazing and cherished tradition that we hope will continue to bring some of the best works from the most recent festival to new audiences while also broadening the worldwide AAFF community. If you know of a place that might like to join in on the fun, or for more information, please reach out to

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