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Each Friday at the Festival offices, our intern team gathers to work together on the upcoming Festival, make plans and discuss any pressing matters.

On October 13th, Mike Smith, the Johanna Meijer Magoon Principal Archivist for Michigan Historical Collections at the University of Michigan Bentley Historical Library, visited us to discuss the collections that he has overseen and personally created, including our very own Ann Arbor Film Festival archive as well as that of our founder George Manupelli.

Mike described the archival and collection process and told many stories that revealed the Bentley’s significance in maintaining Michigan and American history. His visit gave the staff a unique historical perspective, and inspired us to take more advantage of the Bentley’s resources, which are available for public use!


Marketing Assistant Nicholas Grant stated that “[Mike’s] dedication to preserve diversity in the archive by paying attention to different minority groups and their unique histories as well as acknowledging intersectionality throughout history was...refreshing.” Graphic Design Assistant Cydne Robinson stated that “I honestly didn’t even know that we had

this resource at the University, and I now want to start taking more advantage of it.”

Emily Martin, our Programs Assistant, said, “The preservation of the Ann Arbor Film Festival’s archive within the Bentley signifies and cements its importance in history through tangible evidence that not only characterizes the Festival, but also identifies and preserves the memories of those who were and still are dedicated to its success.”

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