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The official 2017 screening season for the upcoming 56th Ann Arbor Film Festival is now underway! We welcome all those who signed up to be screeners with us this year to commence the viewing of your assigned films!

Thank you to our friends at InfoReady, who designed and implemented our new online screening process. Screeners who have worked with us in years past have praised the new system. Long time screener Mark Hardin says that "the system is so easy to use and a real pleasure," while visual artist/screener Victor Arroyo said that "it goes without saying why Ann Arbor is such a staple in the festival circuit. These guidelines and the new screener platform are truly state of the art...I feel proud to contribute even in the smallest capacity to the Festival."

Every year the Festival team look forward to the lively discussions that take place every year during the screening of submitted films. We also appreciate the time and effort that it takes in viewing, judging, and discussing the films that are submitted each year to the Festival. It is an essential practice that helps to make the Festival process as swift and painless as possible.

Here's to another successful year of screening that will yield another terrific film lineup for the 56th Festival!

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