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The AAFF wants to incorporate as many different works of art as possible during Festival Week, which is why we are featuring Off The Screen! at the 55th Festival. This is an intermedia series featuring expanded cinema performances, installations, and educational salons to be held throughout the week.

The series features national and local talent. South Carolina-based artist Simon Tarr will perform a live remix of the classic film Nanook of the North, entitled Blood Lust of the Wolf. Also in the category of expanded cinematic performances, local artist and University of Michigan faculty member, Osman Khan will explore the meaning of the word “drone” through choreographed imagery mixed with prerecorded drone-sourced video (military, industrial, hobbyist, journalist, etc.), real time streamed video from drones present on site, and video projection of drone bees, which will be projected onto three screens.

Artist Laurie O’Brienwill allow viewers to “peep” into a dime-sized hole to view a series of looping, experimental short films in her presentation of Peephole Cinema at Encore Records and in the Michigan Theater lobby. Featured salon sessions include Bryan Konefsky in a session entitled Fracking (with) post-modernism, or there’s a lil’ Dr Frankenstein in all of us., a slide and video lecture analyzing a clip of Herman Munster singing the American spiritual “D’em Dry Bones” within the context of cinematic expression.

This is a brief look into what Off the Screen! will offer Festival goers, and we look forward to sharing various interpretations of the moving image from a wide range of perspectives.

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