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A Word From Our Executive Director:

In a time such as ours, intensely destabilized by the latest reinventions of our information gathering and story sharing powers, find support and solace in our film festival. When opaque algorithms and sophisticated hucksters can so easily gain control over our collective consciousness, find freedom in our film festival. What was supposed to bring us all together and shine a light on darkness has now helped alienate us from each other, and obscured perception. But the light of the projector still shines, and the theater brings us together. When our society seems so unsettled, and our path forward together so uncertain, come be with us, at our film festival.

At the Ann Arbor Film Festival, reaction and dialog is not filtered through a comments section, but circulating amongst real people, in the theater seats around you. On the screen is pure communication and expression, stories and experiments, all direct from the makers. The programs are not generated by clicks or hidden intentions; selections are made by a partnership of community volunteers and our staff. The Ann Arbor Film Festival is an incarnation of freedom of speech.

Solace, freedom and togetherness. All as important as ever, and all durably enshrined in the Ann Arbor Film Festival.

Leslie Raymond AAFF Executive Director

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