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"Let's Watch With the Ann Arbor Film Festival" is back for a second season! The episodes air on CTN (Ann Arbor Cable TV). Click on the picture above to watch both the previous season and to follow the upcoming season. Each episode of “Let’s Watch” focuses on a filmmaker from the Ann Arbor Film Festival and their work. The first installment of this season aired two weeks ago and featured UM Screen Arts and University of Michigan Screen Arts & Cultures alumni Andrew Day, whose short film, "The Human Body, Our Friend" screened at the 54th AAFF. "Let's Watch" features the film along with an interview of Day. When he came to Michigan, Day did not know he wanted to be a filmmaker, but once he took his “first screen arts class it was love at first sight.” He talks about how he made his film while he was a student at U of M and then submitted it to the AAFF, which to his surprise got accepted. To hear more about how Day has continued his filmmaking career and his insights about his film, make sure to watch the segment online. CTN will screen Day’s segment on their website through the end of the month.

Weekly Streaming Schedule: Monday 7pm Wednesday 2pm & 7:30pm Friday 9:30am Saturday 5:30pm

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