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Bringing Home the Gold: AAFF Wins IND/EX's 2024 Trailer Wars Competition

(From left to right): Raul Benitez, Kailey Radwan, Steve Wood, Leslie Raymond, Abigail Knox, Fernando Saldivia Yanez

Eight competitors, and only one gold heavyweight championship belt.

Going head-to-head with eight other established art house cinemas and film festivals in front of a captive audience at the 2024 Independent Film Exhibition Conference Trailer Wars competition, the Ann Arbor Film Festival came out on top. Experimental art has triumphed amidst a multitude of cinemas and festivals!

The incredible filmmaker and long-time AAFF collaborator, Steve Wood, who crafted our three trailer submissions, was with us in person to celebrate the win. We were also joined by AAFF programmer Raul Benetiz, alumni filmmaker Fernando Saldivia Yanez, and our lovely Chicago-based Programs Assistant, Abby Knox! The love for AAFF reached beyond our small crew that night, and we definitely felt it. 

Thank you to Max Friend at Filmbot for creating the best “souvenir” one could imagine, to Steve Wood for your endless creativity, the IND/EX community, Film Festival Alliance and Art House Convergence, and the truly amazing participants of the 2024 Trailer Wars competition: Film Pittsburgh, Pickford Film Center, Texas Theatre, The Little Theatre and Anomaly Film Festival, and others!

Check out the winning trailers here:


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