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Episodes 3 and 4 of CTN’s Let’s Watch series are now available for viewing! Grab your friends, sit back and enjoy interviews with AAFF filmmakers Chris McNamara and Diane Cheklich.

Episode #3 features Chris McNamara, longtime filmmaker and past AAFF board member. McNamara played a crucial part in the evolution of the Festival, helping to open the Festival from purely 16mm film to embrace video and digital media as well. Chris first showed in the AAFF in 1986 with his film Tattoo in AAFF 24, and more recently The Use of Movement played in AAFF 48. McNamara describes the Festival as “a real jewel in the crown of the city that people should take advantage of it.” In this episode, McNamara’s passion for film shines through a discussion of both his involvement with the Festival and his past works.

Detroit based independent screenwriter, film director and producer Diane Cheklich is featured in Episode #4. Cheklich’s film, LATE, won the Detroit Film Center Award at AAFF 42. LATE juxtaposes the audio of an evangelical radio call-in show against lonely neon "vacancy" and lotto signs in dark, late-night, inner-city America. Cheklich views the AAFF as a “special gem,” as it is “a prestigious Festival in her home state.”

If you missed past episodes, watch with Heidi Kumao, episode #1: “LET’S WATCH WITH HEIDI KUMAO” featuring Swallowed Whole (2014) and episode #2: “LET’S WATCH WIITH JACK CRONIN” featuring Rivergarden (2013).

Stay tuned for episode #4: ”LET’S WATCH WITH SCOTT NORTHRUP."

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