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In the Screen! Virtual Gallery

How to Enjoy The Virtual Gallery:

Moving Around:

Viewing the artworks:

Other important things:

  1. To move, use the toggle on the bottom right of the gallery screen.

  2. To look around the space, use the toggle on the bottom left  of the gallery scree.

  1. Approach the piece and double click the object on the podium

  2. A new tab with the artwork will open up

  3. To get back to the gallery, simply go back to the original tab on your browser.

  1. The gallery is best viewed on a desktop or laptop computer. 

  2. Be patient! Some of these great artworks take a little time to load.

  3. Each artwork is very different from the last, so make sure to check out all six!

  4. The Gallery is in the shape of a figure 8, be sure to move around the entire space.

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