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You Are Invited to Collaborate in a Secret Lab Event: Spiral Coils - Community Creations for AAFF!

During the film festival week the grand historic movie palace, the Michigan Theater, becomes the central location for experiencing experimental film and video. For the last few years I have installed festive decorations to transform the classic grand foyer of the theater into a celebration of experimental films.

My first time decorating the theater lobby was for the 57th festival. That year I explored the many offerings of the Off The Screen exhibits, walking around the neighborhood to see performances, multimedia installations, listening to filmmaker discussions, workshops, and enjoying the after parties. I found it to be remarkable to find so many venues in the hood that exhibit, display and cherish the AAFF.

Later on, looking through my field notes and reflecting upon those connections, it became clear to me that it is the community of Ann Arbor that is AAFF's consistent collaborative companion. I am an art enthusiast and a fan of collaboration. My abstract creations often investigate how objects can interact with each other and the space they are in. I use gathered objects, tinker with their dispositions and structures and explore how they can influence the space and the viewer in an installation. The pandemic thwarted my attempts to collaborate with the Ann Arbor community on these lobby decorations for the 60th AAFF.

This year, however, you are invited to help with the decorations for the lobby of the Michigan Theater. Join us to decorate spiral coils for the 61st Ann Arbor Film Festival. On Saturday March 11 from 12:00-3:00 come to the downtown Ann Arbor District Library (343 S. Fifth Ave), go to the Secret Lab workshop and help transform blank spiral coils into your creations.

Workshop participants/collaborators are invited to view the results of their efforts on Saturday March 25, 2023 at 1pm at the Michigan Theater Grand Foyer.

Participants receive a discount code for tickets to the 61 AAFF Almost All Ages films in competition program showing on Saturday March 25, 2023 at 1:30pm.

So join me at the Library on March 11 and let's spiral together for the Ann Arbor Film Festival!


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