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Sue Dise, 61st Ann Arbor Film Festival Super Screener!

Every year, the Ann Arbor Film Festival relies on a large group of volunteer screen. The Super Screener Award recognizes one of a handful of individuals who viewed and evaluated over 200 films in a single year.

This year’s award goes to Sue Dise, who screened 209 films. Special thanks to you, Sue, for your dedication and expertise!

“When I started attending the Ann Arbor Film Festival in the 70s, I had 20/20 eyesight. Today, after screening 1000s of submissions over the past 10 years, my visual acuity is such that I can now see into men's souls. It's a fun party trick.

“The festival is Ann Arbor's cultural volcano; an annual eruption of cinematic magma that sends panicked villagers scurrying to the Michigan Theatre, enveloped in the white-hot ash of the creative vanguard. Film is a metaphor. Or a simile. I get the two confused.”

Thank you, Sue!


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