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59th AAFF Special Programs Round Up

We Only Answer our Land Line (2019) by Olivia Camfield, Woodrow Hunt. CYCLE 0

This year, the 59th AAFF presented five special programs highlighting animation by BIPOC artists, trans-made films, Native American experimental work, French feminist artist Sylvanie Tendron, and Swiss video art pioneer Pipiolotti Rist.

We commissioned writers to produce a series of essays about four of these programs, and have gathered them together here for you to explore. In addition to these astute writings, you will find links to engrossing discussions with the curators and/or filmmakers from each program.

BIPOC Experimental Animation, curated by Carrie Hawks

“There are really important stories in this program, but I like the fact that there are some films where the story is not the point as much as the experience of something surprising, or unsettling in a productive way.” - Ellen G’sell

CYCLE 0, curated by the COUSIN Collective

“I really like the eclectic nature of the program, where it touches on a lot of different territories or movements throughout these different spaces and these ideas. There isn't a singular consensus around what the world should look like… which I think is really wonderful and amazing, and appropriate, especially for the time that we're living in right now.” - Sky Hopinka

Object (Im)Permanence, curated by Andrew Robbins and Kai Tillman

“...with experimental work, trans folks can do more than just... tell the transition stories, when it's nonlinear, it's not focused on that narrow range of how the stories get told. I think it's healthy for the community, [and] for younger generations to see there's so much more complicated ways of being in the world.” - Kai Tillman

Sylvanie Tendron: Everyday Obstacles, curated by Julie Tremble

“I really wanted to find a way to translate my emotions and what my body could say through video. I'm not really interested in filming or a documentary, it was really at first about my body and what it had to express…. When I perform… it's at the same time, the process and the result at once.” - Sylvanie Tendron

Pipiolotti Rist: Kind (of a) Talk, presented in partnership with Penny Stamps Distinguished Speaker Series

“We are thrilled to bring you the mesmerizing and provocative artist Pipiolotti Rist in a special program which is truly a silver lining of the pandemic experience for us at the series, as it’s been ten years in the asking for Pipiolotti to join us today.” - Chrisstina Hamilton

“My goal was and is to use consumer techniques to free up and use it in different ways, and in the end motivate people to use their own devices and projectors or screens, to have less respect for technique and use it as a wonderlight, in the living context.” - Pipiolotti Rist


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