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Pat Oleszko: Solo Show in NYC


Pat Oleszko at the 55th AAFF

As the vibrant legacy of the Ann Arbor Film Festival (AAFF) continues to inspire and shape the world of experimental moving image art, one artist stands out for her enduring connection to the festival's spirit of creativity and innovation. Pat Oleszko, renowned for her humorous and thought-provoking performances, has been an integral part of AAFF since its early days. Her captivating presence has been a festival staple since the 1960s.

From her early years as an emerging artist performing at the AAFF to her current acclaim as a prominent figure in performance art, Oleszko's journey resonates with the ethos of experimental art celebrated by AAFF.

Be sure to check out Oleszko’s current solo show Pat's Imperfect Present Tense at David Peter Francis in New York City, on view from June 1st through July 20th. The exhibition features pivotal performances, inflatables, and videos spanning 1972 to the present, highlighting the artist’s lifelong endeavor towards absurdity.


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