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Meghan Rutigliano joins the AAFF Team!

We’re pleased to welcome Meghan Rutigliano to the AAFF team as the Operations Manager!

Meghan is quite comfortable both behind the scenes and in the limelight. She is an experienced festival producer, media wrangler, community facilitator, and hostess with the mostess. Meghan recently moved to Michigan from San Francisco, where she worked for Burning Man Project for over 12 years as chief wrangler of Burning Man’s Regional Network spanning over 40 countries. During her time with Burning Man, Meghan led 18 conferences in the Bay Area and in cities across Europe.

Meghan has also performed across the world as a singer, actress, and comedienne and also enjoys voice-over acting, travel writing, and language learning. Meghan is conversational in English, Spanish, and French and is currently studying Portuguese as well. During quarantine, learning the ukulele has also been a saving grace in addition to spending quality time with her friends, family, and a host of cute dogs.

What are you excited to do in your new position?

I am excited to nurture and support experimental filmmakers, get to know the Ann Arbor Film Festival community, forge relationships with leaders of other arts groups and film festivals, and to keep the traditions alive. 60 years is impressive! I’m so honored to get to work with such an established and celebrated film festival!

What films are you watching in quarantine?

I just watched a selection of the Oscar-nominated short films from 2020. I am also a huge fan of Wes Anderson and have watched nearly all of his films during quarantine. The wacky decor in his films has inspired the decoration of my new flat.

Choose a film title for the story of your life.

Where in the World is Meghan Rutigliano?

What does your work from home setup look like?

Windows open, sun shining in, coffee maker on, tunes playing, doggy barking, and fans ON!

What's your WFH soundtrack currently composed of?

I’m listening to a lot of Brazilian and French music. I’m currently studying both so I like to get earworms happening. I’ve also been listening to the Velvet Underground and the Decemberists.

What about your WFH uniform?

Business on the top, party on the bottom. LOL.

Who would play you in a film about your life?

Marisa Tomei

If you could hang out with any filmmaker who would it be and what would you do?

Wes Anderson. I would like to learn set design and storyboarding by walking around a potential area for an upcoming film. I heard he shot Grand Budapest Hotel in a shopping mall. Admittedly it’s intimidating to mention a favorite filmmaker to a very established community of film buffs. I’m sure by a year from now I’ll have some favorite experimental filmmakers. It’s a whole new world for me!


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