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Join us on Sunday - AAFF Presents

August 3, 2021

Join us at the State Theatre for films from the 59th AAFF once a month through November!

This event is free for AAFF Members and Michigan Theatre Gold Members!

Did you see we've updated our Membership process? Take a peek and support the AAFF!

On August 8th, we will show Primavera (short) by Adrian Garcia Gomez, and Purple Sea (feature) by Amel Alzakout & Khaled Abdulwahed.

Be on the lookout for our next AAFF Presents events on September 19, October 3, and November 7!

Purple Sea

Berlin, Germany - 2020 - 67 min

“I see everything,” she says as if it was a curse. Brilliant sunshine, clear blue skies. The sea is calm, framed by a piece of railing. A peaceful moment, if it weren’t for the fact that the sea is standing upright, vertical, like a waterfall. A rush of images, twirling, upside down, jolting. People in the boat, in the water, screams, life jackets, emergency whistles. There’s no horizon anymore, no sky, no up or down, only deepness and nothing to hold on to. Even time’s flow comes to a halt, contracting into the brutal present. She is filming and speaking. To beat being tired, being cold, the fact that help isn’t coming. To beat dying, just for something to remain.


~ Winner of the George Manupelli Founder's Spirit Award ~

Brooklyn, New York - 2020 - 5 min

Primavera is a frenetic experimental animation that documents the pandemic and the Black Lives Matter protests as they intersect in springtime Brooklyn. Shot during isolation on a phone, the video explores the effects of imposed distance on touch and intimacy, the proximity of an invisible virus and invisible deaths, and the revolt against the racist, corrupt systems that commodify, exploit and render their most vulnerable citizens disposable.


Enjoy this interview with Amel Alzakout - filmmaker of Purple Sea!

This month's AAFF Presents is sponsored by by Stacey Law Practice, and SLP Realtors!

Thank you for your continued support of the Ann Arbor Film Festival!


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