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Host a Filmmaker or Special Guest at the 62nd AAFF!

December 22, 2023

The 62nd Ann Arbor Film Festival is just three months away, taking place March 26-31, 2024 (online March 26 - April 7). What better way to join in with our global community of experimental film lovers than inviting a filmmaker into your home?

As a host for the 62nd Ann Arbor Film Festival, you will get the opportunity to house a filmmaker from around the world during this year's festival. Meet artists from this global community and be a part of our mission to promote bold, visionary filmmakers by housing, engaging with, and showing a filmmaker around Ann Arbor. Plus, you will get a free festival pass when you sign up to host!

Guest Services Coordinator Missy Nuyda hosted for five seasons, and each year found the experience extremely rewarding.  “I opened my door to a filmmaker, and I got so much more out of it in return,” said Missy Nuyda, AAFF Guest Services Coordinator, about her own experience hosting a festival filmmaker. “I've had many fantastic conversations with my guests about their work, their lives, and art in general.”

Missy is currently seeking hosts for the 62nd AAFF, so if you are interested in hosting a filmmaker, please fill out this form.

 If you are curious and would like to learn more about the hosting experience, reach out to Missy at! We hope to see you at the festival this March!


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