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Featured Intern: Linh Vu

Name: Linh Vu (she/her)

Role: Video Production Assistant

Meet our newest intern, Linh Vu! Linh brings immense talent to the team and we are so lucky to have her working at the AAFF. Learn more about Linh below.

How long have you worked with AAFF?

Since October of last year.

What has your favorite project been?

I am working on an interview project with our past award-winning filmmakers. It's been a pleasure to coordinate with different filmmakers, interview them, and edit the videos afterward.

Where are you currently working from?

New York City

What are three words to describe AAFF?

Experimental, Unconventional, Innovative

If you could hang out with any filmmaker who would it be and what would you do?

Jonas Mekas is an inspiration for me to shoot diary films with a lyrical, handheld camera style. I have been reading his book, "I Seem To Live" these days and it's so extremely personal and relatable.


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