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Featured Intern: Jake Feeman

Name: Jake Feeman (he/him)

Role: Outreach Assistant

Give a warm welcome to our Outreach Assistant, Jake! Jake has been with the AAFF since the fall of 2019 and we're so grateful for his dedication to the festival. Get to know him below!

What has your favorite project been?

Engaging with community partners and the interview over the summer I conducted.

What are you currently working on?

Community partners, finding institutional ads, and working with Marin on the tour.

What’s your favorite memory of the festival?

Big Group Huddles have always been my favorite, in person or not. Also, the first I’ve I went to an in-person outreach event at the state theater

Editor's note: Big Group Huddles are a weekly meeting with all the AAFF staff and interns. Jake is the best at choosing icebreaker questions to kick off the meeting. One of my favorites: If you could change one thing about a carousel what would it be?

What does your work from home set up look like?

A slightly messy desk with photos of my friends and family, next to DnD dice. Nothing too special.

What about your WFH uniform?

Sweatpants or red jeans with a T-shirt

Choose a film title for the story of your life.

High Anxiety (the Mel Brooks film)

Who would play you in a film about your life?

A less mean Jesse Eisenberg.

If you could hang out with any filmmaker who would it be?

Spielberg, talk about sharks and movies. Probably go for a walk or something too, boring stuff.

What is your dream job?

Film director and writer

Favorite candy?


If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

New Zealand or Australia or the Pacific Northwest

What would your IMBD description say?

Fish in distress, coping with films and friends


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