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Coming Soon to a Couch Near You: AAFF Tour

Each year, the Ann Arbor Film Festival presents a selection of films throughout the world by going on tour, sending films to galleries, art house theaters, universities, and other great venues. The 58th touring programs are nearly ready, and we are excited to send them all over yet again! This year we will be experimenting with new ways to present the tour in addition to our traditional tour stops.

Not only will you be able to book the tour for a venue, but you will also be able to book it for yourself to enjoy at home. The tour programs will be available to rent on our website beginning in June through the fall.

There will be five distinct programs of experimental short films from the 58th AAFF for you to choose from. Along with two programs made up of award-winning shorts, Out Night (a selection of LGBTQ films), Animation, and Almost All Ages programs will also be available.

One thing that will remain the same is our goal of making experimental and avant-garde films more accessible to diverse audiences and supporting filmmakers. The AAFF tour also directly supports filmmakers. Not only is it an opportunity for the films to be seen by audiences who might otherwise never get the chance to see them, but the filmmakers whose work is part of the touring program receives revenue from AAFF each time their film is screened.

The tour is one of our favorite traditions and we are excited to keep it going with your support. If you know of a place that might like to join in on the fun, or would just like to know more information, please reach out to Marin at


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