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AAFF Press and Industry Accreditation

December 27, 2023

The 62nd Ann Arbor Film Festival takes place in person March 26-31, 2024 and online March 26 through April 7. AAFF welcomes members of the press and industry colleagues to apply for 62nd AAFF accreditation by completing a brief application form on our website press page. We encourage members of the press who can help extend the global reach of our legendary festival to apply!

For press accreditation, the recipient will be expected to attend the 62nd Ann Arbor Film Festival (in person or online) and guarantee reporting about the festival. For industry accreditation, the recipient will be asked to help promote AAFF to their colleagues and constituents. A pass for the 62nd AAFF will be issued upon acceptance of each application, which are reviewed on a case by case basis.  

AAFF is also offering accreditation to organizations presenting the festival’s 61st Touring Program.  One pass will be issued to each venue upon acceptance of the application. Complete information on the tour program can be found at

To apply for accreditation please visit our For the Press page at where you can also  Please email with any questions.  


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