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We are thrilled to offer SERPENTARIUS as the newest film in our AAFF PRESENTS series in partnership with The Michigan Theater. The film will be available to rent on August 4 and will remain available up to September 8. The film is free to rent for all. You must watch within 30 days of purchase and finish within 48 hours of starting the film. 

In the film, an unknown tragedy wipes out a South American town where an unnamed traveler journeys through the post-apocalyptic African landscape to find his mother. SERPENTARIUS opens with a short introduction about the director's life offering up the narrative that this is both a personal and existential journey. The film transcends time and space and brings questions of colonialism, death and existence to the forefront. 

Carlos Conceição, a Portuguese director, majored in English with a focus on Anglo-Saxon Romantic literature and earned a degree in film directing at the Lisbon Theatre and Film School in 2006. He is known for Goodnight, Cinderella (2014), and Hell, or Pool Keeping (2011). Conceição wrote, edited, narrated, and directed SERPENTARIUS

Check out an interview with Carlos below

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