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61st Off The Screen! Call for Proposals

Published July 21, 2022

Persistent Wave by N. Stupek from the 60th AAFF

The Ann Arbor Film Festival invites proposals for the Off The Screen! program at the upcoming 61st festival, March 21-26, 2023. Each year, AAFF hosts a variety of intermedia installations, performances, and workshops—including (but not limited to) expanded and live cinema performances, new media installations, and educational salon sessions.

Please send us your proposals for challenging and aesthetically potent works of art, and become part of a meaningful ongoing conversation about the culture of the moving image.

Expanded cinema performances could encompass, for example, projector experiments and live performances that incorporate film or screen. New media works of all sorts are considered for exhibition in various locations throughout Ann Arbor during the festival week, such as storefront windows, gallery spaces, and the Michigan Theater lobby. Salon session formats may take the form of Pecha Kucha–style lightning talks, “how-to” presentations by makers on technique), moderated conversations, or other methods.

Inside the Box (Outside the Box) by Jeremy Liesen & Matt Wilken | Metamorphism by Manda Moran. From the Ann Arbor Art Center.

Artists are especially encouraged to propose a presentation that intentionally engages participants with material that complements the general content of the festival. The audience consists of the general public, filmmakers, writers, teachers, and film programmers. For more information on the festival and its history, please visit our website.

Proposals are due August 21, 2022.

For questions, please contact

Filmmaker Forum from the 60th AAFF at North Quad


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