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59th AAFF Trailer Round Up

Thank you to the makers of the 59th AAFF Trailers!

Each year we invite folks to volunteer to create trailers for the AAFF. Makers whose work is selected receive an all-access festival pass. Typically, some appear in area theaters and one is aired on DPTV in the weeks leading up to the festival. They also play before each festival program. Interested in making a trailer for the 60th? Email us at

We thank each of you for helping amplify the AAFF spirit! Check them out below.

Trailer by Gregory Bishop & Kate Balsley

Trailer by Stefania Flores & Anthony Iamurri

Trailer by Madisyn Hicks & Hannah Mutz

Trailer by Jeremiah Kastl

Trailer by Tracy Miller-Robbins

Trailer by Hafsah Mijinyawa

Trailer by Elizabeth Mizer

Trailer by Martin Mulcahy

Trailer by Destini T Riley

Trailer by Leslie Raymond

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