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It's Here! DVD Volume 12

Volume 12 of the AAFF DVD collection has arrived and is ready for purchase! This year’s edition highlights nine films that were screened during the 57th festival in March 2019. The films include Mudanza Contemporánea by Teo Guillem, Object Dream by Kyungwon Song, Flores (Flowers) by Vado Vergara, Running in Circles by Ei Toshinari and Duy Nguyen, Armed Lullaby by Yana Ugrekhelidze, Pictured Rocks by Jack Cronin, Flame by Sami van Ingen, Sun Zoom Spark by Gina Kamentsky, and New Panther: A Call for Action by Sage Love and Nola Asantewaa. Visit our website for more details on each film.

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