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Fierce Women

Still from Feature in Competition <3 by LNZ. This film will be shown on Saturday, March 30 ,at 1 pm in the Michigan Theater Screening Room.

The Ann Arbor Film Festival is excited to feature films that focus on fierce women in the variety of programming offered at the 57th festival. Not only do these films highlight strong female-driven stories, but they are all works by female filmmakers!

Cheri Gaulke’s film Gloria’s Call will be shown as a part of Films in Competition 8 on Friday, March 29 at 7:15 pm in the Michigan Theater Main Auditorium. From the cafés of Paris to the mountaintops of Samiland, a scholar's life is forever changed through her friendships with the women artists of Surrealism. Tickets for FIC 8 are available here.

On Saturday, March 30, the feature film <3 by LNZ will be screened in the Michigan Theater Screening Room. In this loosely woven, spiraling death odyssey of the night, LNZ's body moves through different forms of digital imagery until finally being uploaded to the Internet to live forever. Formally, it's a 60-minute selfie, LOL It's also a coming-of-age story in a technological communications revolution where love gets uploaded, digitally dislocated, unseen, and lost, bit by bit, into an asynchronous Internet landscape. Tickets for this feature are available here.

In addition to these two films, the special program Looking in the Mirror, I See Me - Early Women’s Video Art from the Video Data Bank Collection features film art by women. The emergence of video art tools in the late 1960s and early 1970s paved the way for an extraordinary number of outstanding art works by women. Captivated by the relative accessibility, portability, and immediacy of Sony's Video Portapak recording system, a significant number of female artists began to experiment with the video format. Often taking a direct-to-camera approach, many of the resulting works reflect the burgeoning feminist movement in the U.S. at the time. Curated by Abina Manning and presented by Zach Vanes, this special program will be presented in the Michigan Theater Screening Room on Saturday, March 30, at 7pm. Tickets are available here!

The fierce women of the Ann Arbor Film Festival team are excited to present these films and programs by other strong women artists. We hope to see you at these events!

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