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Watch a Festival Trailer!

Huge thanks to all of the film artists who submitted 30-second and 60-second festival trailers for the 57th festival! For today, check out the one by artist and filmmaker James Snazell, who produces live cinema performances and installations. You can watch Snazell's 50-second AAFF trailer here.

Snazell’s work explores the development of analog film and film emulsion. He is a senior lecturer in animation and film at Edge Hill University in Ormskirk, England. You can catch Snazell during AAFF's 57th festival week at two free Off the Screen! AAFF events:

-An artist roundtable at the North Quad Space 2435 on Wednesday, March 27, 10am-12noon

-A live cinema Milk Drops 2 performance at the Ann Arbor Art Center on Thursday, March 28, 3–5pm; Milk Drops 2 explores using milk as film emulsion and highlights a duel between a 16mm projector and a digital recording from a 16mm analytic projector.

Join us!

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