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So Grateful

A Word from our Executive Director

As the year draws to a close, it is customary to pause and remember who we are. It is helpful for us at the Ann Arbor Film Festival to take a moment and remind ourselves about the work that we do, the films that we see, and the connections that we make. We are deep in the planning process for the upcoming 57th festival, and so grateful for all of it.

We are honored and humbled by the thousands of talented filmmakers for sending us their films, and to our dedicated cadre of volunteer reviewers for helping us vet the nearly 3,000 entries. We are thankful to the many sponsors, partners, and donors throughout our community who have come forward to support, participate, and collaborate with us. And we are filled with gratitude for our tremendous staff and intern team who strive in tandem to create yet another fantastic weeklong celebration of experimental film.

The festival is a gift that was created by George Manupelli, and it is given to us each year. It is a portal and a space for creativity and difference, love and possibility, community and camaraderie. We are grateful for being given the gift of participation in something so unique, original, and important.

At this moment, when the current sociopolitical narrative focuses on doom and annihilation, asking us to embrace conformity, rigidity, and convention, we continue to honor grace, kindness, multiplicity, and friendship. We glorify creativity, and are so thankful that we can care for this special space that celebrates it.

We invite you to join us. Be sure to mark your calendar for March 26–31, 2019, and check out our volunteer opportunities if you’d like to be involved with us in the weeks and months leading up to and including that special six-day span of time. We look forward to experiencing the best in contemporary film art with you in just 110 more days. Come and be a part of it!

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