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(Matt Wilken’s TEXTURES)

We are proud to present a diverse lineup of Off the Screen! salons, installations, and performances to complement the upcoming festival’s cinematic offerings. These events are free and open to the public. Bryan Konefsky presents High-Fructose Cinema and the Movie Industrial Complex: Radicalizing the Technology of Representation in a Domestic Kind of Way, a live performance built out of Konefsky’s years as an essay filmmaker. Gerry Fialka interconnects Theo Anthony’s Rat Film with psychogeography. Peter Rose’s ongoing installation explores his experimentation with “six-dimensional video.” The docu-fiction media installation i am also We by Razan AlSalah and Hyun Wook Seo presents a series of three video works on settler colonialism, displacement, and the intersectionality of the Syrian, Palestinian, and indigenous American struggles.

(Razan AlSalah's I am also We)

In addition, Matt Wilken’s TEXTURES explores the harmony and discord between the natural and the fabricated. David Olson’s Radical Media//Radical Democracy traces the history of radical political and social movements across history. Laurie O’Brien's Dislocation shows a miniature cinema installation inside of a birdhouse. Senses of Time continues Wenhua Shi’s temporal and spatial experimentations through cinema. Lily Baldwin and Saschka Unseld’s vibrant and sensual VR project Through You explores love across a lifetime.

(Lily Baldwin's Through You)

Off the Screen! will also feature live multimedia performances from Lyn Goeringer, Mat Rappaport, Paul Catanese, James Connolly, and Good Evening Gumm. For more details on these events, please visit the Off the Screen! section on our website!

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