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At the last Festival, visual artist, filmmaker, and Emerson College instructor Sofia Caetano sat down with us to discuss her new film Bliss. Bliss, an experimental sci-fi short film about a scientist who creates the eponymous perfect world, contains sharp commentary and glorious avant-garde imagery.

Along with discussing her film, Sofia had kind words for the Festival: "I'm really interested to present [Bliss] on the big screen...this is the first time I'm presenting the linear experience of the film and the fact that it's being presented in Ann Arbor is great because it's a Festival that I've always wanted to come its a big big honor...I also really appreciate that the AAFF is catering to a diverse side of audiences and also diversity in film because that is more interesting to me as a maker..."

Check out the full interview below, and check out her official website HERE!

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