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At the 55th AAFF, we sat down with filmmaker Jim Trainor, who has shown many films with us in the past, to discuss his new film The Pink Egg, a live action departure from Trainor's previous animation efforts.

The Pink Egg reflects Trainor's lifelong fascination with nature, using real actors to portray the life cycles of insects.

While describing his latest project, Trainor also took a minute to acknowledge the massive impact that the Festival has had on his life: "Around 1998 I showed an animated film that I made called "The Fetishist" the time I was living in New York City... somebody saw my movie and now he's my collegue, Chris Sullivan...he came to Ann Arbor and was watching films and he was so intrigued with my film that he asked me to apply for a job at the [Art Institute of Chicago], so I did, [and] I'm happy to say that I got it. I went overnight from being a bartender to being a college professor, which is not something that I had expected to happen, and the Ann Arbor Film Festival was instrumental in that."

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