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This past June, we put out a blog post on our website and our newsletter that took a trip down memory lane, looking back at those who interned at the Film Festival who also ended up becoming filmmakers and screening at the Festival itself! Since then, we have heard back from many of these aforementioned former interns/current filmmakers and enjoyed hearing about their endeavors!

At the Ann Arbor Film Festival, our alumni are extremely important to us. They are our lifeblood and our inspiration to continue working hard to bring fantastic content to the public every year! As a result, we have decided to include a new recurring segment in our monthly newsletter that shall be dedicated to updating our subscribers on the happenings of our alumni.

However, we can’t do this without the help of our alumni! So, as an open call to all alumni, we encourage you to email the Festival at to update us on your current projects! Or, if you have something coming up that is posted in social media, we’d be happy to share it! Alum news is always welcome!

Also be sure to note that if you are an AAFF alum and are planning on submitting to the 56th Festival, be sure to mention that in the email in order to receive a discount code that you can use on our submission portal! Hurry though, the code is only good for up to 50 submissions!

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