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Our new DVD is here and we want to celebrate the release with you all at Leon Loft on Saturday, February 4th! This DVD includes films from the 54th AAFF, and the screening will begin at 8pm. Our generous sponsor Leon Speakers is hosting the event and we look forward to sharing their performance space with you. Appetizers and drinks will be available beforehand, so make sure to get there early to share in the fun with your friends. Admission is complimentary for AAFF Members, and $10 temporary memberships are available for all others to attend, which includes movies, food and drinks for the night. You will also be able to purchase a copy of the DVD for $15 at the event, so you can share it with others who were not able to attend or enjoy it in your own home. We hope this party will get you excited about the upcoming 55th Festival in just a few short weeks!

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