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In the 3rd episode of this season of “Let’s Watch with the Ann Arbor Film Festival,” Dana Denha speaks with filmmaker Julia Yezbick about her current work. The episode includes a partial screening of Yezbick’s “How to Rust (A Post Industrial Fable),” which was shown at the 54th AAFF. Yezbick categorizes this film as “experimental nonfiction” because it defies some of the classic characteristics of a documentary. The film explores the mythologies of Detroit through the material metaphors of Olayami Dabls' installation piece called: "Iron teaching Rocks How to Rust."

As a Michigan native, she began attending the Ann Arbor Film Festival 10 years ago and has enjoyed becoming part of the community. A visual anthropology class at Michigan State University sparked her interest for ethnographic film when she was an undergraduate student there. Yezbick recently finished her dissertation research about Detroit’s creative community and received her PhD in Anthropology from Harvard University, where she now lectures in the Department of Anthropology.

Don’t miss hearing from Julia Yezbick about her current work and the chance to view her film “How to Rust (A Post Industrial Fable).”

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