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The aptly named “Ann Arbor Short Film Festival” may have been a fictional event in Saturday Night Live’s skit on October 15th, but it is playing off the very real event that is near and dear to our hearts, the Ann Arbor Film Festival. This skit featured Emily Blunt as the lead actress in a short film, Qua, that was being showcased at the 16th Ann Arbor Short Film Festival. When the unconventional film ends, 19 of the 20 audience members come up to the stage as the cast and crew of the production, leaving Vanessa Bayer to ask all the questions. The cast and crew respond to her questions with hilariously stereotypical answers that typify the way people think about the experimental film scene. This spoof on the film festival brought national attention to the AAFF, and we appreciate the shoutout from various well-known participants in the entertainment business. SNL produced a humorous representation of a film festival Q&A, and we are honored to be the inspiration for their jokes. Ann Arbor is the destination for all things “artsy,” and hopefully this shout out from the SNL team will bring a large crowd for the 55th AAFF!

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