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The Saturday morning 11am screening, Films in Competition 5 (Ages 6+) is the perfect weekend activity for families. While films in this program are selected with kids six and up in mind regarding content and attention-span, they are appropriate for people of all ages!

This year there are also pre-screening and afternoon activities planned for families, both in the Michigan Theater Lobby and at North Quad Space 2435 on Saturday, March 19th. The film screening opens with a live puppet performance by local artist Tom Carey entitled Thoth in the Kaleidoscope UFO. Thoth, the dog-faced baboon god of ancient Egypt, is taken on a trip through outer space by a group of extra terrestrials. Thoth’s journey is projected live on screen using shadow puppets and hand drawn transparencies manipulated directly on an overhead projector. For a sneak peek. click here.

The program will also feature the North American premiere of Nicky Assmann and Joriss Strijbos’ Liquid Solid, the US Premiere of Sami Chan and Alexandra Swat Guild’s documentary In the Canyon and Konstantin Bronzit’s Oscar Nominated animation, We Can’t Live Without Cosmos, among others. For a full list of films screening in the Family Friendly Program, visit here.

Other family-friendly activities taking place in the Michigan Theater and North Quad throughout the day include GameStart's Animation Community Creation Project in the lobby of the Michigan Theater, beginning at 10am. Kids and adults alike will have the chance to create pixel art character animations, and, with the help of GameStart School team members, bring them to life in the digital world that will be on display for everyone to see - populated and growing with your creations!! The world will fill with your unique humanoids crazy creatures, abstract art monsters - anything you make! Shoot, Scratch and Stomp: Let’s Play with Film is a free Expanding Frames workshop at North Quad Space 2435 from 2-5pm, geared towards kids 6-18 and their families. The workshop covers both traditional image-making, and hands-on image-making, where kids can shoot on Super 8mm cameras and hand-process the film in eco-friendly solution.

Image: We Can't Live without Cosmos (2014) by Konstantin Bron

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