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The sixth episode of CTN's "Let's Watch with the Ann Arbor Film Festival" series is now available to watch here! This episode features an interview with Michigan resident Andrea Eis, whose films reflect her love for the Classics and Archaeology. This episode of Let’s Watch looks at Eis’s most recent film, Penelope’s Odyssey (2015). Penelope’s Odyssey contrasts the ancient landscape and sea of Greece with glimpses of contemporary domestic spaces in images that are simultaneously ordinary and vivid, detailed and generic, precise and ambiguous. Structured in short year-segments anchored by quotes from The Odyssey, Penelope's narrative is built from variations in composition, color, movement, sound and editing rhythms that signal her shifting emotions and perspectives.

CTN will also have a Let’s Watch marathon leading up to and during Festival Week! Get in the Festival spirit and refresh yourself on AAFF films and filmmakers, many of whom will be screening films at the 54th! Below is a full schedule of times and dates of the marathon! Each showing is in a three hour block.

Sunday, 2/28 12 PM

Friday, 3/4 7 PM

Saturday, 3/5 2 PM

Sunday, 3/6 8 PM

Tuesday, 3/8 11 AM

Saturday, 3/12 8 PM

Sunday, 3/13 9 PM

Thursday, 3/17 12 PM

Friday, 3/19 7 PM

You can also watch past episodes in the series online here: Episode #1 with HEIDI KUMAO, featuring Swallowed Whole (2014), Episode #2 with JACK CRONIN, featuring Rivergarden (2014), Episode #3 with CHRISTOPHER McNAMARA featuring The Use of Movement (2010), Episode #4 with DIANE CHEKLICH featuring LATE (2011) and Episode #5 with SCOTT NORTHRUP featuring ECHOES IN A SHALLOW BAY (2011).

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