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Participate in this forum for talking, learning and doing. Enjoy this popular free series, which will take place again this year at North Quad Space 2435, 105 South State Street.

AAFF’s educational program started a short two years ago and since then the Expanding Frames program has become recognized as an engaging forum where filmmakers, audience members and the general public can come together to learn more about experimental film. The workshops aim to nurture both community and critical thinking while fostering a deeper understanding of the work showing at the Festival. We wish to open a space for dialogue that explores the boundless possibilities around contemporary moving image culture.

DIY Workshops —Get your hands dirty and have fun with filmmaking!

Make your own documentary film in this hands-on workshop with Justin Schell! At Making Movies: Remixing Narratives, you’ll edit video clips and music of your choosing and tie it all together by adding your own narration track. (March 15, 4:30-6:30 pm)

Experience techniques of early video art with Lyn Goeringer. hands-on exploration. Video as a Medium: the Materiality of Low-Tech Video Art will help you better explain the world of historical and contemporary video art practices through hands-on exploration. (March 18, 10 am - noon)

Who said experimental films are only for grown-ups? Join us at our family friendly workshop Shoot, Scratch and Stomp: Let’s Play With Film! presented by Joel Rakowski and Barbara Twist. (March 19, 2:00-5:00 pm)

Not into DIY? Join the conversation with filmmakers and experimental film aficionados as they speak on their favorite topics:

Join us at Young Women and Experimental Video Game Themed Films: A Game Changer, a student roundtable discussion on filmmaking as women under the influence of virtual environments with Joseph Lopez. (March 15, 2:30-4:30 pm)

"What's Your Day Job?" panel moderated by Ted Hardin—hear panelists discuss making artwork on the fringe while holding day jobs, and artists who left an individual practice to apply their creative talents to the industry. (March 16, 10am - noon)

"What the Hell Was That?” panel moderated by Daniel Herbert. Want to dig deeper into the films you saw? Join us for an opportunity to watch and discuss three short experimental films from this year's Festival, selected by visiting AAFF filmmakers and other special guests. (March 20, 11am - 1pm)

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