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Check Out Our 53rd AAFF Tour Trailer!

Check out this new 53rd AAFF Tour trailer created by Jeff Economy, who has directed, produced, shot and edited many music videos, feature length documentaries, and documentary/reality tv shows. With collaborator Carlyn Faber, Jeff presented an improvised film performance at the 42nd AAFF.

The 53rd AAFF Tour will visit galleries, art house theaters, universities, media arts centers and cinémathèques throughout the world from nowJuly through February 2016. The tour includes award-winning and select documentary, experimental, animated and narrative films from the 53rd Ann Arbor Film Festival. Thirty films from Brazil, Hungary, Austria, the UK, France, Sweden, Germany, Canada, and the US are presented in one 16mm and two digital programs. The AAFF annual traveling tour has been around since the second year of the festival in 1964.

Look for the 53rd Ann Arbor Film Festival tour at a theater near you, or email us at to make a booking.

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