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Farewell to Maria Feldman, AAFF Operations Director

The Ann Arbor Film Festival sadly bids farewell to Maria Feldman, AAFF Operations Director. Maria has worked with the festival for over nine years, beginning as a student intern for her first season and soon after joining as a full-time staff member. Maria has been responsible for the operations of the festival, working mostly behind the scenes, in a decade where the festival significantly expanded its scope, scale and activities. Maria was responsible for creating and implementing many of the systems and professional practices now in place for the festival. The successes the AAFF has had over the past nine years would have been absolutely impossible without her. We are deeply grateful for her dedication, and especially thankful that she extended herself this past year assisting with the festival's transition. We will greatly miss working with her.

Leslie Raymond at RISD

AAFF Executive Director Leslie Raymond will present the 51st AAFF Traveling Tour Program at the Rhode Island School of Design on Friday, November 15th in the RISD Auditorium. The AAFF Traveling Tour features award winning and select films from the 51st AAFF. Leslie will be on hand to talk about the festival’s deep history of exhibiting artist made cinema.

On Saturday, November 16th, Leslie and her collaborator Jason Jay Stevens will give a presentation at RISD on their work. Known as Potter-Belmar Labs, media artists working in live cinema and video installation, they have been making work together since 1999.

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AAFF 16mm Touring Program Returns

During its first four decades, the festival solely exhibited works finished on 16mm. The AAFF remains committed to the exhibition of this medium alongside digital and 35mm. For the fourth consecutive year (after a five year hiatus), the Ann Arbor Film Festival is pleased to present a full touring program of 16mm films. This program features select and award winning animated, non-fiction, abstract, and essay films from the 51st AAFF including recent works by Alexandra Questa, Baba Hillman, Jodie Mack, Kathryn Ramey, Kevin Jerome Everson, Mariah Garnett, Mark Toscano and others.

For more information about the tour, email Ellie White at

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