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The Ann Arbor Film Festival (AAFF) and Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD) team up again to present SHADOWBOX CINEMA III. This lively program presents 10 short, dynamic independent films making their Michigan premieres and crossing all genres: experimental, animation, documentary and narrative films. The audience will vote to decide cash awards for their favorite films. Shadowbox Cinema III is co-curated by the AAFF's Donald Harrison and MOCAD's Ben Hernandez. This is a free public screening.

Moving (Top Left)

Sean Curtis Patrick | Austin, TX | 5min

"Moving" is an experiment in Dela, Phasing, and color. Filmed in my new city of Austin, Texas, My process was simple. Filming a fluctuating landscape and visually delaying and multiplying the image with a phased permutation. –SCP

Jeannie (Top Right)

Olivia Jampol | Brooklyn, NY | 14 min

A young girl in a 1970s suburban town grapples with her own desires after a traumatizing first sexual encounter.

Voice on the Line

Kelly Sears | Houston, TX | 7 min

The era of nuclear anxiety, red scare paranoia and covert CIA plots forever changed how we engaged with the telephone.

Boys of Summer

Alee Peoples | Providence, RI | 13 min

Mischievous group male bonding and ice cream induced summer love are alive and well in this backwoods town, USA.

Filmpiece for Bartlett

Scott Nyerges | Brooklyn, NY | 6 min

A tribute to the late filmmaker Scott Barlett (”Off/On”, “Serpent”). A fountain in the Museum of Modern Art courtyard becomes a literal and figurative reflection upon Bartlett’s quote in film historian and critic Gene Youngblood’s 1970 book “Expanded Cinema”: ‘There is a pattern in my film work that could be the pattern of a hundred-thousand movies. It simply is: Repeat and purify; repeat and synthesize; abstract, abstract, abstract.” –SN

A Time Shared Unlimited

Zachary Epcar | San Francisco, CA | 10 min

Near-future leisure time activity and anxiety acted out as a series of minor incidents in continual interruption, alternating between an overcrowded virtual space and a virtually abandoned city space. –ZE

The Blockbuster Tapes

Daniel Martinico | Los Angeles, CA | 5 min

Documents a three-year endeavor in which VHS tapes were rented, subtly modified, and returned to the store. –DM

Magic for Beginners

Jesse McLean | Chicago, IL | 20 min

"Magic for Beginners" examines the mythologies found in fan culture, from longing to obsession to psychic connections. The need for such connections (whether real or imaginary) as well as the need for an emotional release that only fantasy can deliver are explored. –JM


Fred Worden | Silver Springs, MD | 9 min

Sequence with a passing train, passengers in motion and a woman standing still on the platform becomes a study of illusionary movements. This work incorporates clips with Joan Crawford from the classic 1931 Hollywood film "Possessed".

The Orange

Nick Fox-Gieg | Toronto, Canada | 3 min

Suddenly, a humble citrus fruit is granted absolute power over the universe.

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